The range of intervention tipologies of the I.G.C. srl is very wide, but with our team, and thanks to the help of our fully equipped vans, we can intervene on several work tipologies, such as:
• Interventions on water infiltrations on homes roofings and terraces
• Waterproofing and insulation
• Maintenance of canals and grids for the drainage of rain water
• Interventions and works on the drainage system
• Renovation of wall finishing, reinforced concrete, plaster, painting, floors
• Interventions of maintenance on indoor and outdoor fixtures
• Renovation or substitution of skirting boards or marble and ceramics baseboards
• Renovation or substitution of tiles
• placement of thermal insulation coating



Building renovation differently from the simple maintenance of buildings, consists in the transformation, total or partial, of a building through the renovation, substitution, modification or elimination of old architectural elements or through the insertion of new elements or systems; for example:
• demolition and following reconstruction of the artifact in compliance with the previous shape and volume;
• transformation of ancillary areas (such as attics and basements) into usables areas;
• change of destination of use;
• splitting up of residential units;
• modification of building prospects

If you are willing to improve the outlook and the funcionality of your property assets, the I.G.C. srl is the ideal company for you. We are able to carry out any type of extension or rebuilding of structures, including the seismic retrofitting and structural reinforcement.


Since 2012, a series of measures, which have been inserted in the state legislation, have introduced and extended in the system of tax deductions a series of subsidies for taxpayers who had carried out any building works intended to requalify the building or improve its seismic conformity.

Tax deductions for residential unit and block of flats:

  • ECOBONUS: 50% on interventions on window fixtures, biomass and solar shields, 65% for other typologies
  • BONUS FACADE: 90% detractions for building facade interventions
  • BONUS RESTORATION: 50% detractions for extraordinary maintenance, renovation and conservative restoration, building restoration
  • SUPERBONUS 110%: 110% detractions for interventions aimed at building energetic requalification (insulation with thermal coating and heating system installation) and seismic improvement, but photovoltaic too. These interventions, also called “leading” interventions, allow the customer to take advantage also of other detractions such as the ecobonus.

The I.G.C. srl, thanks to an expert Technical Department and the cooperation with professional figures of this field, is able to follow all the steps of the energetic requalification, from the feasibility study to the cooperation in the project phase, from the computation to the execution of works.

New Constructions

The I.G.C. is aware that building and living in energetically efficient buildings, which respect the environment and with high living quality is nowadays a priority and a right to conquer. That is why the company commitment is more and more directed towards the study and realisation of highly energetically efficient buildings, where renewable resources and automation have a relevant role.